Smith Lake Top 5 - Elevations

The Top 5 Reasons Elevations Matter on Smith Lake


Another Smith Lake Top 5 Video from Brian Glenn & Darren Raspino.

Today we cover Different Elevations on Smith Lake and why it's of the utmost importance to know what the elevations are on a piece of Smith Lake Property.

We'll be talking about these topics:

1. Why is knowing my Elevations Important?

We cover the 510' ASL - 522' ASL APCO Water Storage Easement & Lake levels as related to Flood Insurance.

2. Full or "Summer Pool" levels -

What is Full Pool on Smith Lake, and when do we see it?

3. Changes in Lake levels -

Springtime Lake levels, When & Why?

4. Winter Pool -

Offseason Levels, When & Why?

5. How do I find out my Elevations? -

How to find out where the 510' level, the 522' Flood Easement & the 524' FEMA Flood Line are.


Lake Levels and elevations on Smith Lake are at the core of everyday life. They dictate how much water is under your dock for swimming or boating, knowing where you can build your dream home to keep from requiring Flood Insurance, and knowing where APCO's easement reaches.


As Full Time Smith Lake REALTORS® Brian & Darren assist both Buyers & Sellers on Smith Lake.

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