Top 5 Reasons to Consider Smith Lake

In today's Smith Lake Top 5 we discuss the Top 5 reasons to consider Smith Lake.



1. The Value of Smith Lake -

It's hard to beat the value of Lewis Smith Lake compared to other Lakes in the Region. Alabama's Property Taxes are traditionally much lower compared to Lakes in other states and you'll find that Smith Lake Waterfront Homes are lower than some "Off Water" Homes on other lakes.

2. The Diversity of Smith Lake -

Smith Lake is diverse in it's natural beauty, ranging from Waterfront Cliffs & Bluffs to gently sloping points there is always natural beauty in front of you. Let's not forget to mention that the Winston County Portion has large, unspoiled sections of Bankhead National Forest that join the lake.

3. The People of Smith Lake -

Smith Lake has people from all walks of life assuring that there's always an interesting new friend to meet here! We're also on "Lake Time", meaning we don't always get in a rush and take the time to be friendly.

4. The Easy Access to Smith Lake -

Smith Lake is really easy to get to from anywhere. It has easy access from Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Tupelo just to name some of the larger nearby cities!

5. The Cleanliness of Smith Lake -

Smith Lake is usually mentioned along with a statement similar to "One of the cleanest lakes in the country". That is due to several factors, examples being the large watershed with minimal Large Agriculture and one of the largest tributaries coming from within a federally designated wilderness area.


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