Top 5 Things to Consider when Buying on Smith Lake




There are many things to consider when purchasing a home on Smith Lake, today we point out 5 important considerations and point out why these things are important when purchasing a Home on Lewis Smith Lake.

1. Inspections

We always recommend a Licensed Home Inspector be brought in to give us a snapshot of status of all the systems of the Home (Electrical, Structural, Plumbing, etc)

2. Elevations & Flood Insurance

On Smith Lake it's essential to know what the elevations are of the property you are considering purchasing. That's how we find out where APCO's Storage Easement ends and also that we know the Flood Insurance status of the Home.

3. HOA Considerations

Is the Home you're considering purchasing located in a neighborhood with a HOA or Restrictions? We'll always make sure that you're aware of those restrictions and current HOA Dues if applicable.

4. APCO Shoreline Permits

Is there a current APCO Permit on the Property? Does it have a Legacy Permit? How do those affect you moving forward if you want to make adjustments or get a different Dock?

5. Water Depths

How deep is the water your Dock does/will sit on? We always want to make certain there is enough depth at Winter Pool for your needs!


If you're considering Buying or Selling on Smith Lake, we'd love to discuss your needs with you.

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