Duncan Bridge at Dusk

The Iconic Baby Blue Steel Trusses of Duncan Bridge have spanned Smith Lake for over 50 years.


Built in 1967 after Smith Lake covered the original "Duncan Bridge" as it's waters filled in 1961, Duncan Bridge has become one of the Symbols of Smith Lake. Many Businesses use an artists rendition of it as a portion of their logo ( Our Real Estate Company - White Pepper Smith Lake does also ), you've seen renderings of it on Countless T-Shirts, photos of it hanging in Lake Homes and it seems you didn't spend time at Smith Lake in a given summer if you didn't post at least one shot of Duncan Bridge on your Social Media accounts! 

When writing this blog post I tried to find more information about the History & Construction of Duncan Bridge. If you have more info, please share it with us. We'll update the Blog Post and be glad to cite you as a reference for any info we use.